Justin Moore addresses illegal hunting incident

Justin Moore and Josh Thompson were mentioned in an
indictment of three tribal leaders who have been charged with
hosting illegal big-game hunts in Montana. We asked Justin if he would be doing any time in the hoosegow.

JM=Justin Moore

BW: I read a story about this tribe in Montana, and they’re in trouble
for setting up some illegal hunts and I guess your name came up. Have
you heard anything about that?

JM: I do have knowledge of it,
and I can’t say a whole lot about it. Just because, you know, the way
things are. But, no, I’m not in any trouble. I was involved in some
capacity unbeknownst to me. I’m too petite to go to prison. I don’t
think I’d fair well.

BW: I’m picturing you in your princess dress right now…

Click Here for my full interview with Justin

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