Wow! Kellie Pickler is smoking hot in the pages of Maxim’s special Salute to the Military 2012 issue


Kellie Pickler Maxim cover

Hubba hubba. I think I may just have a new girl crush!

Kellie Pickler is on the cover and in the pages of Maxim magazine’s special Salute to the Military issue and the girl is totally smoking hot!

Kellie isn’t just a pinup in the magazine, though, she also has an interview. A few of the highlights include:

On what inspired her to get involved in the USO tour:
“I comes from a military family. My grandfather is a retired Marine, and I’ve always had a great deal of respect for anyone who serves our country. It really does take someone special to sacrifice everything. I don’t mean just their lives, either. There are men who are sacrificing the chance to hold their newborn baby!”

On her tattoos:
“My grandmother would be mortified if she knew I had these. She’s passed away now, but she would say, ‘Tattoos are the devil!’ So my first tattoo, of course, was my grandma’s name. I also have stars on my left arm for my USO tours, but I’m missing two.”

On whether small town girls can be trouble:
“We might be, but we can also talk out way out of it. A country girl can talk her way out of a ticket. Not that I’ve ever been pulled over…”

I have to admit, I’m torn between being jealous of Kellie being in such close proximity to so many handsome men in uniform and so many handsome men in uniform getting the chance to be in close proximity to Kellie Pickler.

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